You'll find her in schoolrooms, amidst the giggles and positive hubbub of creativity, or strumming her ukulele surrounded by laughing faces at festivals, concerts, museums, workshops, school and family programs. You'll find her in the suburbs, in inner city schools and as consultant on educational family cruises as far away as Greece, Italy, the British Isles and Scandinavia.


When she's "Dr" Ukulele Lady, troubadour/clown with the Big Apple
Circus Clown Care UnitŪ
,she goes, bed to bed, clinic-to-clinic with her clown-doctor colleagues bringing her special blend of songs, stories and necessary silliness to hospitalized children.

She's also a published, prizewinning author. Since 1984 she's taught poetry--kindergarten to high school--for arts agencies and institutions such as Teachers and Writers Collaborative, Poets in Public Service, The Children's Museum of Manhattan, Arts Partners and The New York City Ballet.



Her knowledge of music- Folk, Jazz, Ragtime, Twenties, Forties, Sixties, Blues-and her musicianship has earned her the moniker: The Walking Jukebox. Her original songs, tuneful and witty, are just right for today's sophisticated child--and she's had much experience teaching and entertaining special needs populations in dozens of school and hospital programs.

Her unique talents involve everyone in a creative exchange; she knows the wonderful old songs; her stories captivate audiences; name the time, place and theme--she'll have them learning, singing, cheering!

Dear Dr. Ukulele Lady,

"Alex smiled and recounted every visit you ever made to the clinic while
she was there. It is amazing to me the wonderful influence you had on her. We are even to the point in her therapy where she says some of her treatments "weren'tthat bad" and the shots "only hurt a little". But you- she remembers it all! ThankGod for that"

-JG, New York, NY

"Thank you so much for your generous
participation in our Annual Childrens
Carnival. The children enjoyed your songs enormously, as did we all!"

-Shirley Cox
Exectutive director
The Chemotherapy Foundation
For entertaining and exciting shows and workshops Ukulele Lady's wide experience make her an excellent choice! Please
Contact for more information.

Hear Ukulele Lady play "Sunny Side Of The Street" in a special slide show presentation! You will need a Real Audio G2 player.

Don't have a Real Audio G2 Player? Click here For a free copy.


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